The test is designed to “confirm the practical use of the missile launcher and radar, as well as verify the impressive combat parameters of the missile” – North Korean state broadcaster “Voice of Korea” reported Friday. The commentary said the North Korean surface-to-air missile, designed to counter air targets, particularly aircraft, was developed by engineers from the DPRK Military Academy.

This is another test conducted by the armed forces of North Korea in recent days. Pyongyang announced Wednesday that the missile launched on Tuesday toward the Sea of ​​Japan is a “new type of supersonic missile that can reach speeds up to five times faster than sound” and is undergoing testing by the DPRK’s military.

North Korea may possess hypersonic weapons. “It will be a big step

“If North Korea can achieve hypersonic missiles, it will be a huge leap in terms of its military capabilities,” AFP notes. Information on the experience with such a missile is verified by the military intelligence services of the countries concerned. The United States, France and the United Kingdom, without waiting for confirmation, submitted a request for the immediate convening of the UN Security Council devoted to the latest ballistic tests in North Korea, according to the French agency.

Thursday’s attempt is the fourth test of ballistic weapons by the North Korean regime this month. On September 11 and 12, Pyongyang tested a long-range maneuverable missile that flew 1,000 missiles. 500 km On September 26, North Korea conducted a test of two short-range missiles that were launched from a railway platform and after 800 km they fell into the waters of the Japanese Economic Zone. DPRK authorities say these were hypersonic missiles.

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Despite international sanctions imposed by the Security Council, North Korea led by Kim Jong Un has greatly enhanced its military capabilities. Pyongyang has conducted, inter alia, several successfully tested nuclear and ballistic missile tests capable of reaching the United States.