Recent photos of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have sparked a lot of controversy. There is a dark spot on the back of his head. However, it is not clear why this is. Pyongyang is silent on this matter, which only fuels allegations and rumors.

Spot, hole or streak – depending on the picture, it can be seen on the right side of the head. In some photos, she was covered with a small bandage or plaster. This is especially evident in photos from the military ceremonies that took place between July 24 and 27, as well as footage of the Veterans Conference and related events that took place on July 27-29, according to NK News.

Comparative photos and videos of the dictator come from the end of June, when cameras recorded his speech at a meeting of the Politburo of the North Korean Communist Party. There are no signs of surgical intervention on the back of the head in the recordings Kima. KCNA news agency has pictures from mid-July, but you don’t see the back of the dictator’s head.

Many commentators link the poll’s bandage to the dictator’s dramatic drop in weight in May. At the time, public television claimed the nation was concerned about his silhouette. In addition, preliminary observation allows you to exclude the wound from being the result of superficial injuries or scratches.

The first rumors of the dictator’s ill health surfaced in May 2020, when he did not appear at the birthday celebration of his grandfather and founder of the “Kim Dynasty” in North Korea– Kim El-Sina. Then it was reported that Kim Jong Un will undergo heart surgery.

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Source: NK . news

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