“We should pay attention to the slightest signs of capitalist lifestyle and strive to get rid of them,” the North Korean daily Rodong Sinmun wrote.

Hairdresser “like a Czech footballer” hit the blacklist of hairdressers, Which actually shows short and spiky hairstyles with a shaved side, the so-called Toothy hair. Dyeing is also not acceptable. There are 15 approved hairstyles for men and women. “For women, the hair should be neither too long nor too short, preferably neatly styled, but not too thick,” explains The Guardian.

However, the prohibitions do not only apply to hairstyles. Residents of North Korea They also cannot wear torn, tight jeans Or T-shirts with prints and logos. Light clothing and blue jeans are forbidden. Anything that is very decorative, prominent, or looks strange is forbidden. Although in this aspect, the restrictions on women’s clothing have been relaxed a little and women can wear trousers but loose. Previously, only traditional Korean skirts and dresses were allowed. Youth League members keep the fashion tidy.

Suk Yong Kim, an expert on North Korean culture at the University of California, Santa Barbara, told the Guardian.

“It happens because of Fashion is the easiest and most visible way to express opinions or political affiliations– added.

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