Russia is ready to increase gas exports to Europe

He also added, Russia hopes that there will be no new requirements for the project.

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The Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Government also said that Russia is ready to increase gas exports to Europe, But under long-term contracts. Meanwhile, European companies prefer short-term transactions at spot rates.

In November, the head of the Ukrainian state-owned oil company Naftogaz Yury Vitrenko expressed the hope that Nord Stream 2 will not be launched, indicating that the construction of the gas pipeline is inconsistent with EU law.

Construction of a gas pipeline running from Russia to Germany at the bottom of the Baltic Sea bypassing Ukraine was completed in September.


However, Nord Stream 2 has yet to be approved by the regulatory authorities in Germany and the European Union. It envisages a certification process Nord Stream 2 It will not be completed before the end of the first half of 2022.

The hidden purpose of investing?

It is not only about the danger of Russia militarizing the Baltic Sea under the guise of protecting the newly built critical energy infrastructure against “aggressive actions by the United States and NATO‘, but also the father. Russia is gaining a hidden advantage to deny NATO hegemony in the Baltic theater of hostilities“- We read on the pages of the portal.