In Cupertino, they realized that Android smartphones exist. Apple is not far from reality. Although, until recently, Tim Cook may have been convinced that the competition still used wide tires, big rips, and stopped developing a few years ago.

What does an Android smartphone look like? According to Apple – outdated

Many Android or Windows device manufacturers often refer to Cupertino devices in comparisons, usually to present the advantages of their own products. Interestingly, Apple uses similar tactics very rarely. Sometimes there is an impression that competition is almost non-existent in Tim Cook’s world. Of course, competitors’ devices appear in some Apple materials. This often happens when you offer your services and products that have been released on other platforms.

iPhone and a “typical” Android smartphone – showcasing new Face Time functions (Image: Apple)

However, it should be noted that the aforementioned appearance does not necessarily apply to the best devices from other manufacturers. The Cupertino team has proven it many times He imagines the competition as outdated hardware makers, and not very attractive in terms of visuals. For example, during this year’s WWDC conference, when the ability to use FaceTime on Android was introduced, the company did not appear Top Samsung or Huawei. Instead, next door iPhone 12, there is a smartphone that looks like LG Stylo 6But with a larger chin at the bottom of the screen.

HTC One M8 i iPhone (fot.

Moreover, Apple is still in the promotional materials HTC One M8Any smartphone from 2014. We can see it in the graphics included in the Move to iOS app on Google Play. in return Nexus 6P, which debuted 6 years ago, appears in artwork added to the Beats app.

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In Cupertino, someone noticed the best Android smartphone, but …

Apple, for graphics that show the capabilities of the new headphones beats buds studioH . has not added any photosTC One M8 whether, what LG Stylo 6. instead of this visible on it Samsung Galaxy S21 phone. However, the Cupertino company would not be the same if you did not mention that the described functions do not require an additional application on the iPhone, in addition, Siri is not available on Android.

Beats Studio headphones and Samsung Galaxy S21 on Amazon (Image: Amazon)

Of course, all of these are deliberate actions. It does not result from a lack of knowledge of new competition apparatus. This is purely a marketing ploy to show the superiority of your own hardware. On the other hand, you have the impression that Apple is afraid of pairing Android smartphones with iPhones. I am not surprised by this. iPhone 12 Pro, With its big note, it wouldn’t look so amazing on top of Android models with a more modern front design.

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