As reported by British media, Boris Johnson will reveal his plan to deal with Covid-19 during the fall and winter at tomorrow’s press conference.

The Prime Minister will say that there will be no more lockdowns in the UK, and that his way of dealing with the pandemic will be a vaccination programme.

According to reports, the Prime Minister will tell MPs and at a press conference that Britain must learn to live with Covid-19 because the vast majority of adults have been fully vaccinated.

The British Prime Minister is also expected to rescind some provisions of the Coronavirus Act that are no longer necessary in England.

These include the ability to close sectors of the economy such as bars and restaurants, and to restrict access to education by closing schools and colleges and childcare.

The power to set restrictions on events and gatherings should also be revoked.

However, if someone tests positive for the coronavirus, they will still need to self-isolate to protect the most vulnerable and control the spread of new variants.

The UK government will also put on hold a plan to introduce vaccine passports to be submitted before entering nightclubs and major events.

However, as reported in British media, fully vaccinated travelers will no longer have to undergo costly PCR tests for coronavirus after returning to the UK.

In the event of a further increase in infections, some restrictions could be imposed, such as those related to masks and recommendations for working from home.

Referring to the new prime minister’s approach, a government source told The Telegraph: “This is the new norm. We have to learn to live with Covid. Vaccines are a wall of defense. Autumn and winter give some ambiguity but the prime minister is against another shutdown.”

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