The current Google Pixel phones will be the last to come with unlimited “high-quality” free downloads of Google Photos. While the company said yesterday that previous Pixel phones can still download those images for free After Google hubs for unlimited storage on June 1st 2021Google has assured us that any pixels you purchase in the future will not come with these free downloads.

It’s not the first time that Google has downgraded the Pixel feature. Originally, one of Pixel’s selling points was free A native-Store photos in high quality, without the pressure that Google Photos applies to most downloads in order to provide free storage space to start with. But in June, users will have to either 1) start paying Google One storage plans After they hit the company’s ceiling of 15 GB for free accounts, or 2) they took their pictures Elsewhere.

While Google is refreshing any photos you took before June 1, 2021 so that they don’t apply to this 15GB limit, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have Addition 15GB of photos come on June 1st – because Google also counts your Gmail and Google Drive against this number.

Take me, for example:

If I don’t delete a lot of emails, I’m quickly running out after June 1st.

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