Currently, Nintendo denies rumors and leaks regarding the new Nintendo SwitchHowever, it shouldn’t be too surprising to anyone – last month the Japanese launched a console to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. Whereas in June, a Monster Hunter fan version will appear on store shelves. It seems likely that in the coming months, the priority will be to sell the previously announced models, and in the next step to focus on the introduction of improved equipment.

However, Bloomberg editors continue their investigation – In August, Takashi Mochizuki announced a more powerful deviceAnd the And in September, Nintendo’s request to developers was mentioned.

Currently, the journalist has access to more details, because In his opinion, Samsung will begin producing 7-inch OLED displays in June, which will be dedicated to the new Nintendo Switch. The editor confirms that the device should be revealed later this year, and the larger touchscreen will boost sales during the holiday season.

Samsung Display Co. Mass production of the 720p 7-inch OLED panels will begin as early as June with an initial goal of producing just under a million units per month, said people who asked not to be named in the internal affairs debate. The displays are scheduled to ship in July. Nintendo and Samsung Display representatives declined to comment.

Bloomberg confirms this OLED display can have a very positive effect on console usage:

“The OLED panel will use less battery, provide higher contrast and faster response times compared to the Switch’s current LCD display,” said Yoshio Tamura, co-founder of DSCC Display Consulting.

Currently, the Nintendo Switch has a 6.2-inch screen, while the Nintendo Switch Lite received a 5.5-inch screen. Takashi Mochizuki points out Big N can also offer smaller tires, which will be well received by fans of the brand.

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Moreover, the journalist received the news that the game in 4K would be possible after connecting the new Nintendo Switch to the docking station. The Japanese will choose the less flexible OLED screens, which are a cheaper alternative used in high-end smartphones.

Jeff Grubb pointed to the problem with the solution, who thinks Nintendo is focusing on 720p so that the new model can run longer: