Nintendo invited some select journalists to the first tests of the Nintendo Switch OLED, but those interested have not yet been able to make video material showing off the new quality of the screen. We can only count on impressions that are very positive or mixed, depending on the situation.

Dieter Bohn of The Verge confirms this at the beginning of the text This isn’t the Switch Pro that many have relied on, and it’s simply a Nintendo Switch with a bigger, nicer screen.

“The screen looks much brighter and more vibrant to me than the original Switch. The increased contrast is definitely noticeable on the rainbow road [lokacja z Mario Kart – red.]Where the neon lights emanated from the screen and were brighter compared to the dark background” – Dieter Bohn

The editor confirmed that he is using a Nintendo Switch Lite in which case the image is “dark” and “cloudy”. During the tests, Bohn checked whether the larger screen size did not affect the sharper pixels – in his opinion, you have to look closely to see them, but they are not visible in motion.

The Nintendo Switch OLED also features distinctly better speakers:

“The last noticeable change is the speakers which are a bit louder and clearer than the Switch Lite I used. I still prefer the headphones (and no, there is no support for Bluetooth headphones), but maybe these are good enough to keep me from reaching for them every time In it I turn on the Switch – as I do now” – Dieter Bohn

Alessandro Fillari of Gamespot believes the Nintendo Switch OLED offers a unique experience especially during gameplay – when we can see the full power of the screen:

“Once you start it up, the new OLED screen is very bright, but it’s not too distracting to be distracting.” – Alessandro Villari

“Compared to the Switch and Switch Lite, the OLED model displays better light and dark levels, providing a more vibrant picture and lighting that looks crisp, bright and amazing in motion.” – Alessandro Villari

“When we moved to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, graphics at 60 frames per second looked incredibly smooth and sharp on the new model’s OLED screen.” – Alessandro Villari

However, everyone stresses that while we got a great screen, a polished finish that works last and improved sound, the Nintendo Switch OLED doesn’t offer any new experiences for gamers who only play on the big screen. Nintendo has prepared an interesting upgrade for its platform, but it won’t be gear for everyone – What a Nintendo employee said recently.

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