Nintendo still hasn’t dealt with the drift analogues of the Nintendo Switch consoles, but it turns out that the inconvenience can be eliminated with a piece of cardboard. The YouTuber showed off the rain optimization process.

New information about the problematic design of the Joy-Con is systematically emerging. Even the Japanese manufacturer is facing class actionsHowever, there are many indicators that the problem can be easily solved – at least that’s what the author from the VK channel says.

In his opinion, the problem with the Joy-Con is the metal casing that holds the stick, which becomes loose due to the gameplay and detaches from the analog. However, just throwing a piece of cardboard (1mm thick) under the element prevents it from sliding out and everything works.

In the video, you will see a step-by-step explanation of the Joy-Con floating analogue issue and hardware repair guide. The author confirms that this is how he improved two pads and they have been working for two months.

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