Health Minister Adam Nideszelski said on Friday in Rzeszów during the signing of the Declaration of Cooperation on the construction of a university hospital in that city.

On Friday, in the building of the Rzeszów University (UR) with the participation, among others, Minister of Health Adam Niedzelski and Minister of Education and Science Brzemislav Kzarnik, Voivode Podkarbasi, Iowa Lennart and Marshall from Podkarbaky Vojvodissov Ortel, officially signed a declaration regarding the joint activities of the university hospital.

During the ceremony, the head of the Ministry of Health said that if not all hands were on board, the epidemic control form would not be complete. According to him – “Unfortunately, this will be done at a greater cost.”

He pointed out that “the epidemic has taught us that the demand for medical personnel should not become a mere advertisement, but rather a real priority for the state.”

“The epidemic experience unites us so much that, together under the slogan + All hands on board +, we will do our best to ensure that medical personnel in Poland are never exhausted,” said Niedzielski.

“ As the Minister of Health, I am very pleased that this initiative is a seed that was planted five years ago and sown with such difficulty, and it is now sprouting, not only with the first graduates, but by building the clinic and infrastructure, which means that the Rzeszów Center actually fits permanently into the academic map of the world Medicine “.

In turn, the Minister of Education and Science, Przemislav Czarenk, noted that Rzeszów has been developing scientifically dynamically for many years.

“A medical course has been conducted in Rzeszów for five years. This year we will have the first graduates – nearly a hundred new doctors educated at the University of Rzeszów” – pointed out. As he assessed, “the medical field is developing very well.”

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He stressed that the development of universities “is in the interest of the Polish state.”

We need new medical staff and new doctors, numbering in the tens of thousands, in the coming years. And for that to happen, we have to teach them in new places, in new centers like the University of Rzeszow, ”said Kasarnik.

He noted that the requirement to develop Collegium Medicum at the University of Rzeszów is a concept that will be implemented continuously – building a university hospital on the basis of Regional Hospital No. 1, which will be reorganized and expanded with a new facility specializing in the treatment of oncological diseases.

“We are really participating in a historic moment and in a truly historic event,” said Podkarbaki County Marshall, Władysław Ortyl, who participated in the ceremony.

At the same time, he noted that Podkarbasi was a “clear white spot”, as there had not yet been a university clinical hospital.

He also thanked the signature on the declaration, noting that when the idea of ​​a university hospital was born three years ago, there were no real sources of funding at that time.

“Today, the National Reconstruction Program, the tremendous money that will go into our country by decision of our Parliament, is already very real. The possibility of supporting the University of Rzeszow to prepare the documents, which the ministers extended today, is also a very great opportunity to allocate funds from the National Reconstruction Program to build and expand This hospital, “- confirmed the county marshal. Podkarpackie.

He added that there had already been the first attempt at setting up a hospital, and now it is being conducted for the second time. Ortel concluded, “I think that we in Podkarpacie will lie to this proverb, which is that art is up to three times, which is what I hope for myself and for everyone.”

Ewa Lennart, Voivode Podkarbasi, emphasized the importance of the future university hospital in strengthening the base of research and education and increasing the availability of highly specialized medical services to residents, which will greatly affect the safety level of the residents of the area.

“Science, educated staff and the high level of treatment guarantees patient safety. It is an important day for our region. The signing of the declaration of cooperation to establish a university hospital is an important step in the history of health care in Podkarpacie and an opportunity to build Rzeszów’s position as an important research center” – said Leniart.

Dean of the University of Orlando Professor. Silvestre Kzobek expressed his conviction that thanks to his commitment it will be possible to establish a hospital that “will not only open a new chapter in the life of the University of Rzeszów, but also build the scientific position of Podcarpasse and serve the inhabitants of our country. Beautiful region” – summed up the professor. suppository.

The construction of the university hospital is one of the priorities of the region included in the “District Development Strategy – Podkarbaki 2030” adopted in September 2020. The initiative assumes the construction of a university hospital on the basis of what already exists Clinical District Hospital No. F. Chopin in Rzeszów, including its expansion into a modern medical campus in the municipality of Świlcza. The project has been submitted by Podkarpackie Voivodeship to the National Reconstruction Plan as a potential source of funds for investments.

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The signed declaration outlines the role of the parties in efforts to establish a university hospital. It includes, among other things, a decision that the establishment of a university hospital will be based on the health needs maps and regional health policy priorities of the Podkarpackie District and the human resource potential of the University of Rzeszów using the database KSW No. 1 in Rzeszów. The hospital will complete the hospital base in the region (first it will be an oncology center).

It is also supposed to educate medical students at the highest level, and to ensure the development of modern medical technologies and technologies.

Podkarpackie Prefecture includes, inter alia, support for the development of scientific and medical research conducted by the University Hospital, and the maintenance of the restructuring loan guarantee obtained by KSW No. 1 in Rzeszów in Gospodarstwa Krajowego Bank in 2017.

The announcement also speaks of the possibility of the University of Rzeszów conducting its full legal and financial audit of KSW No. 1 in Rzeszów prior to the acquisition and appointing a working group that will prepare the final concept of the acquisition and reorganization and continue the development of KSW No. 1 in Rzeszów as a university hospital by the end of 2021. (PAP)

Authors: Agnieszka Pipała, Magdalena Gronek

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