It is believed that Nicola Sturgeon was at the center of what sparked the dismissal Eamon Holmes From this morning.

The Prime Minister wanted to introduce the television legend and his wife, Ruth Langsford, With Scottish Christmas tree decorations.

Sturgeon suggested the idea before it appeared on ITV They appear on December 6, in the run-up to last year’s general election.

The head of the show’s show, Martin Frizzell, suggested that the TV couple give in return a Christmas present this morning on FM.

Ruth and Eamonn were excluded from the show

Allegedly angry Holmes objected.

The 60-year-old appears to have said he violated broadcasters’ strict neutrality rules in the weeks leading up to the election.

Holmes’ refutation of Frizzel left a mystery, with insiders of the show claiming that the couple’s relationship was never the same.

A source said to Mail on Sunday Martin blew up saying he was the editor and decided what happened on the show. Then he refused to go to Eamon’s dressing room for a pre-show meeting with the presenters.

“The producer had to run back and forth between the newsroom and the dressing room to transfer Eamon’s anger to Martin and Martin’s anger to Eamonn.”

Meanwhile, an insider said this morning last night: “What someone’s argument might be is a discussion between another person.”

Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon held talks with the UK government
Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon appeared this morning in December last year

It comes as Holmes and Langsford, both aged 60, are said to be “angry and upset” about their ax this morning.

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Under the change, the couple will no longer host the show on Fridays, but will host it for six weeks in the summer.

An insider said, “ITV was open about wanting to diversify and make the show ‘less white’ but they weren’t trying to find anything else for them.

They will be replaced by former Big Brother contestant Alison Hammond and X Factor host Dermot O’Leary.