Often times we arrange the space that surrounds us in the spirit of the environment. We focus on natural materials that are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and at the same time beautifully presented and make the garden or apartment “closer to nature”. Wooden garden pots, which are not ordinary and look great against the background of greenery and colorful flowers, fit into the trends.

Boxes and pots provide plants with mobility, we can change their arrangement and location and, if necessary, transplant them into the ground or into a larger box. Those who sow in the ground immediately have a permanent place during the season.

Wooden pots can easily be found in garden stores, large supermarkets, and flower shops. If we have an idea, time, materials and a little bit of desire, we can easily make the boxes for the garden ourselves – it will be a cost-effective, but also satisfactory solution. It is enough to have boards, screws, dowels, a hammer, a jigsaw or a hand saw. Sandpaper will help level the surface of the wood, and in the end it is enough to paint the box in any shade you like.

It should also be noted that wooden pots and boxes are a natural heat insulator, providing plants with suitable conditions for growth.

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Wooden pots will be the perfect place to plant flowers on the balcony, porch, or in front of the front door. It is worth placing it on a substrate that is isolated from the ground, for example with paving stones, slabs or concrete, so that it is not exposed to excessive moisture, and the pots will retain their aesthetic appearance longer. In wooden pots, seasonal plants can be successfully grown, such as verbena, geranium or waves. Small wooden pergolas or pergolas pots for climbing roses will also work. On balconies and terraces, pots will help to arrange a green space by planting conifers in it. Tray-shaped wooden pots are a good choice – tall and narrow, ideal for growing heather or lavender.

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Wooden crates are ideal for creating a vegetable garden. Beautiful, leafy herbs in natural containers will be useful in every home. Plants look great, smell great on the balcony or veranda, and we gain healthy spices for the dishes and desserts we planted. Dreaming of organic cherry tomatoes? Put the seedlings in wooden boxes only. It is also good to grow lettuce, carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, onions and chives as well as beets, green beans, and hot peppers.

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  • They are environmental
  • permanently;
  • resistance to physical factors and mechanical damage;
  • survive changing weather conditions;
  • The wind does not blow them.
  • Khalida.
  • aesthetically
  • They warm the arrangement of the garden, balcony or terrace.
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