Residents of parts of the North Island coast are called to evacuate as close as possible or as far inland as possible. The tsunami will arrive there in an hour and a half to two hours.

The tsunami warning also applies to other parts of the Pacific Ocean, including the islands of Tonga, Samoa, and Hawaii.

New Zealanders are leaving threatened areas en masse, as evidenced by traffic on Google Maps. The exit roads are crowded.

The quake measured 8.1 magnitude. The last of these powerful shocks was recorded on September 8, 2017 in Mexico. After several tens of minutes, a 6.5 strong shock was recorded. This was the fourth earthquake near New Zealand. A few hours earlier, tremors of magnitude 7.4 and 7.1 were recorded.

New Zealand It is located in the “Pacific Ring of Fire”, a region where earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are frequent, and it is made up of a belt of ocean trenches, island arcs, and active volcanoes, which surround the Pacific Ocean almost continuously with a length of about 40,000. How many. There are 452 volcanoes in the “Ring of Fire” and about 90 percent of them are here. All earthquakes in the world.

It’s been 10 years since then Christchurch earthquake Its strength reached 6.3 degrees, killing 185 people on the South Island.

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