WhatsApp’s six-month battle with users is about to end. The communicator lays down its weapons, and users do not have to accept regulations. However, the app will still remind you that the new rules can be accepted.

The past few months have been a lesson for WhatsApp. Messenger owners don’t come out of this fight as winners – WhatsApp gives up.

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Remember – at the beginning of the year WhatsApp announced changes to its privacy policy. Users were forced to accept the new regulations, according to which Facebook will be able to download their data from WhatsApp.

This decision was not approved by netizens – messaging users in large numbers have given up using WhatsApp, by choice Safer alternatives.

Facebook, however, did not give up. Try to explain why the new rules won’t hurt users, and On May 15, the regulations went into effect. The company announced that it will not force users to accept it, but will gradually limit the functionality available in the messenger for those who do not agree with the new rules.

However, not all countries have agreed to the new regulations. In Germany, the revised WhatsApp privacy policy has not yet taken effect – The German Data Regulatory Authority decided to impose a ban on searching with General Data Protection Regulation Procedures.

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It wasn’t long before Facebook gave up. According to the company, Users who do not accept the updated policy will still be able to use Messenger with all the features available to date.

Due to recent discussions with various authorities and privacy experts, we want to make it clear that we will not limit WhatsApp functionality to those who have not yet approved the update.

– A WhatsApp spokesperson commented on the matter

However, the messaging software will remind users from time to time of the acceptability of the regulations, but it will not force them to accept them. However, in the future, there may be problems with the use of new optional functions, including communication with stores and companies.

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The question is how much New reminder notifications will be annoying. Certainly those who chose to communicate Signal Or Telegram won’t be back on WhatsApp anytime soon.

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