A previously unavailable place invites you to stroll starting Friday. I’m talking about the promontory in ul. Olowianka 4Beside sewage pumping station. The area gained not only an alley of historic manholes, but also new green spaces and seating. It is worth visiting this place.

You can now walk around the northern end of Ołowianka, which was flooded by the Motława River. Previously, this was impossible – the place was closed and neglected, strewn with bushes.

Now it has changed beyond recognition, what everyone who attended Friday’s opening confessed Elijah Wazow.

to worth 1.5 million PLN, as part of this area acquired a new and pleasant picnic area of ​​5,000 square meters. Going there, it is worth looking at your feet, because there are holes built into the floor, that is, colloquially – sewer covers. Among them, exhibits of historical value and so on Donated by other cities, such as Sopot, Petersburg or Bremen.

– We’ve got another friendly space in the middle of the city Gdansk. A space that shows the history of the city unusually, because from the perspective of water and sanitation infrastructure – she said Friday during the opening Alexandra Dolkevich, President of Gdansk.

There is a place to sit, the area is available 24/7

There are also many benches on site, in addition to the gates to look at, one of them is unique – made by Remigius BistrikOronia blacksmith.

There is also a spa where you can drink water, there are lighthouses, nothing prevents you from visiting the place also after dark. The lane access will not be closed.

However, you have to be careful not to get too close to the edge of the street – especially in the evening. It is right next to the water, and there are no barriers to prevent falling into it.

– According to the standards of the Maritime Bureau, we were unable to separate this pier from the water. There will be no approval of this. So we rely on the common sense of the walkers, and in the other part we installed a protective net so that no one slips in the water. We hope that Aleja Włazów will attract a lot of people here, especially since the most important pumping station in the city is located here – he said Jacek SchaerbeekCompany Director Water and sanitation infrastructure in Gdansk, responsible for the investment.

A special application will be created in July

In addition to the “concrete” version, which can be seen with the naked eye, the new Aleja Włazów will also be enriched with a virtual part from July 1. Walking around it, you’ll be able to download a phone app that contains elements of augmented reality, which will display additional elements – such as a sewer network. The application will also suggest what not to flush the toilet and answer the question of what will happen next with what happens there.

Walk along Włazów Street in Ołowianka. material from may

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