As announced, the Year of Buffalo event has just started.

If Overwatch players named one, and it’s the most interesting to them now, it definitely will be juvenile. Aside from them, there are only challenges, but they don’t evoke any huge emotions. Despite the recurring events, society is always curious about what blizzard has changed.

Lunar new year 2021

Let’s celebrate the Year of the Taurus together!

The arrival of the Lunar New Year will include new seasonal items, including legendary Bull Demon skins for Orissa, Dragon Fire for Bastion, Tiger Hunter for Ashe, and more! This event also starts Season 4 of the Capture the Flag Competitive Play and introduces a new game mode called Bounty Hunter!


Test your skills in the new Arcade mode: Bounty Hunter! The first elimination in the match gets you a target and earns you extra points for subsequent kills. If someone can catch you, he will become the next target!

General changes

Feature update: detailed playback player controls

  • We’ve introduced a new option that allows you to switch between two different playback controls, the default playback controls and the “fine” playback controls.
  • These “fine” controls will allow you to increase and decrease playback speed in increments of less than 0.25x, from 0.10x to 1.00x. You can also maintain a “Move Slow” link while increasing or decreasing the speeds to change the overdrive. This can help you capture great slow motion shots and more!


  • A “new” ownership filter has been added to the Player Icon tab in the career profile
  • Reorganize the escape menu layout while in a custom game
  • Sound adjusted for enhanced beat indicators for increased clarity
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The Pale Snake

Mysterious demon


Dragon fire

Tiger hunter

The Royal Guard

Terracotta Doctor


Shining bull

Dancing with fans

Grand Final


Fly a kite

Weekly challenges