Satellite images write about ReutersProvided by Maxar Technologies Inc. The photos were posted on Thursday evening. They show a base in the Crimea, which from December 13 was to be filled with “hundreds of armored cars”. Reuters compared the latest images with those released in October of this year. Then the base was supposed to be half empty.

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Are we facing Russia’s attack on Ukraine? Kwazniewski: The situation with Ukraine is difficult

Reuters: New satellite images show more troops in Crimea

Maksar told the agency that a new unit has arrived at the Russian garrison, including tanks, BMP series infantry fighting vehicles, anti-aircraft equipment and self-propelled artillery. “Over the past month, our high-resolution satellite imagery has shown several new Russian disturbances in Crimea and several training grounds in the West. Russiafor along way the border with Ukraine.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced, Friday, that Moscow expects to obtain security guarantees from the United States in January, as demanded by Vladimir Putin. Putin said earlier this week, during a meeting with the Defense Ministry leadership, that he was not satisfied only with verbal reassurances from the West. He also expressed concern about the presence of NATO forces near the Russian border and warned that “Russia stands against the wall.”

Putin: The West brazenly “deceived” Russia. He gives the example of Poland and Romania

Russia demands a so-called security guarantee on Ukraine

Some military analysts believe that the draft document prepared in Moscow aims to limit the sovereignty of the alliance and is an ultimatum. Moscow wants NATO to withdraw from the alliance Georgia and Ukraine, and committed themselves not to engage in military cooperation with the former Soviet Union.

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Russian opposition politician and commentator Leonid Guzman wrote on the Echo of Moscow blog that Vladimir Putin’s NATO proposal is “not only an ultimatum, but merely a demand for complete and indisputable surrender.”

To discuss de-escalation, we expect our opponents to enter Washington He will provide specific answers to our proposals in January – said Pisco.

The Associated Press reports that the United States and allied countries have already announced that they will not provide Putin with such guarantees regarding Ukraine. The basic principle of NATO is open membership for any country eligible to join the alliance.

A Kremlin spokesman also commented on the West’s concerns about the Russian military’s movements. He said that Russia could spread on its soil armyas she likes. We cannot allow anyone to question this sovereign right, said Peskov. He said the troop movements were caused by “hostile moves by opponents of NATO”.

Russian army exercises (illustrative image)Russia. The exercises for the landing of troops have begun near the border of Ukraine