Ambassadors of EU countries have adopted a new package of sanctions against Russia and Belarus over the attack on Ukraine, an EU source told PAP.

As part of the new revenge Three Belarusian banks will be excluded from the SWIFT system. Other Russian rulers are scheduled to be on the sanctions lists. Penalties will also include Banning the export of naval technologies to Russia.

According to parliamentary sources, the sanctions should be officially published in the Official Journal of the European Union on Wednesday.

However, there are no more Russian banks in the new packageWhich was to be separated from the SWIFT system, despite the fact that representatives of EU institutions mentioned such a possibility earlier. In an interview with journalists in Brussels, EU officials, who wished to remain anonymous, said that some Russian banks were not subject to the penalty of exclusion from the SWIFT system because they are responsible for carrying out transactions related to energy supplies to the EU. . It was, among others, o Sberbank and Gazprombank.

The new package will be discussed at an EU summit that begins on Thursday in Versailles, near Paris.

On March 2, sanctions came into effect in the European Union to exclude some Russian banks from the SWIFT system: Otkrytije, Nowikom, PSB, Bank Rossija, Sowkom, VEB and VTB. The European Union also decided to ban any investment, participation or other contribution in future projects financed by the Russian Direct Investment Fund.

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The ban also applies to “the sale, delivery, transfer or export of euro banknotes to Russia or any natural or legal person, entity or body of Russia, including the Government and the Central Bank of Russia, or for their use in Russia.”

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