The European Union will impose sanctions on persons and entities in Belarus in the coming days – Informed Josep Borrell, explaining that the EU foreign ministers had reached a political agreement on this issue.

The West wants to punish Belarus

As he said, the European Union continues to monitor the hybrid aggression for which the Lukashenka regime bears responsibility. – We agreed to expand the scope of sanctions to include the Belarusian regime. From today, we will be able to penalize more people for organizing such flights with people from several countries to Belarus, and from there to the EU border. He explained that we agreed to approve the fifth package of sanctions, which will be completed in the coming days.

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The game includes, among other things, banning flights in EU airspace and on landing in EU airports for airlines that regularly transport migrants to Belarus. There are also almost certain restrictions on other representatives of the Lukashenka system and companies – the list will include a total of 200 people and dozens of organizations and companies.


What will hurt Lukashenka

The pandemic has shown the direction sanctions should take. During the closure, the demand for oil decreased several times, and accordingly, exports of Belarusian fuel to the West decreased. And this only greatly damaged the Belarusian dictator.