All sites not on the red list of high-risk countries will be automatically considered safe. Also, from 4 October, travelers will not be required to be tested for coronavirus before coming to England from abroad.

From the end of October, fully vaccinated passengers from countries not on the red list will be able to do so Replacing PCR-type tests with cheaper antigen tests. Anyone who tests positive will have to self-quarantine at home and have a free PCR test that will be sequenced from the virus’ genetic code to help identify new variants. People who are not immunized should still have PCR-type tests.

People returning from the red-listed countries will have to undergo a 10-day paid quarantine in one of the hotels indicated by the authorities. From the red list, which so far has included more than 50 countries and regions, eight will be removed From Wednesday morning. They are: Turkey, Egypt, Kenya, Pakistan, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Oman and Bangladesh.

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