The Office Against Gravity announced Thursday that the online event “Filmowy May” will start on May 21, as part of which the new version of the VOD.MDAG.PL site will be presented. She also confirmed that the Millennium Film Festival Against Gravity will be held in cinemas next September.

According to Against Gravity, the introduction of the new version of the VOD site will be accompanied by “meetings with extraordinary guests, groups created by important figures from the world of Polish culture and art, and dozens or so new titles on the site.” Although the Millennium Docs Against Festival Gravity has moved into its September dates (cinemas 3 to 12 September and online from September 16 to October 3), viewers and viewers will be able to try an alternative to what awaits them within a few months – we read.

The advertisement mentioned that on the VOD MDAG website, you will be able to watch, among other things, the movie “The Mole in Korea” by Mads Bruger. “This time, the main documentary scandal reveals behind the scenes of North Korea’s dirty work with the help of … a Danish cook is an idealized father. This is one of the most shocking and suspenseful films in recent years” – he wrote. Another Brügger movie was added, titled “Who Killed the Secretary-General of the United Nations?” It will also appear on the site.

As part of the “May Film”, stories of characters from the world of art will also be presented: “Truman Capote. I heard the prayers of Eps Bernoux,” “Shut up and play the piano” by Philippa Giddick, and “Let’s try to jump into the well.” “At first, we can hear an unpublished interview with Capot and hear people who know the truth that the writer has skillfully hidden from people, creating his legend. + Shut up and play the piano + It’s a journey into the crazy world of Chilly Gonzales’ music. Feel his amazing ability to break the rules and create Independent art A look at the creative process of the prominent Polish director Krystian Lupa is Piotr Stasik and Dorota Wardęszkiewicz + Let’s try jumping into the well + “- Anti-Gravity Explanation.

VOD will also feature Marcus Imhoff’s film “More Than Honey”, who “travels the world to showcase the natural places in the lives of bees”, as well as stories “about discrimination, dark pages of history and the contemporary struggle for equality” – “What Will You Do”, When the World Is Burning “Roberto Minervini,“ Hitler’s Time ”Part 2 by Hermann Bollking-Aiken and“ Reverend W. Barbet Schroeder. ”The first (…) is a story about the 2017 protests in New Orleans, when black Americans descended into The streets to show their solidarity after a series of brutal killings. Minervini also shows their daily life and the huge racist problem that continues to destroy American society. The site will also display the second part of the huge film + Hitler’s Time, which tells about the life of one of the cruelest dictators in history. + Pastor f tells the film. Dark figure “- we read.

More information on the films that will be available on the site can be found at:

Millennium Docs Against Gravity (MDAG) is the largest documentary film festival in Poland, and aims to show the fascinating phenomena of the modern world and help analyze them. (PAP)

Author: Daria Porica

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