There are six of them: Ruch, Sound, Kadr, Word, Lifestyle and Visual Art and each will be done by coordinators who collaborate with Chatka aka – specialists in a specific cultural field associated with UMCS. The new program lines for ACK Chatki Żaka will be shown on the facility’s social media next week.

Chatka aka’s new programming was created to meet students’ needs in the field of culture and art. The proposed six lines aim to meet the expectations of young people and facilitate start-up 2 in our unit, while giving them the freedom to create their own projects – confirms Isabella Bastusko, Director of ACK Chatka aka.

Both program line curators will be involved in creating the Chatka Żaka program.

According to organizers, Visual Art is a space for the avant-garde – a new, youthful, rebellious media art that boldly pushes boundaries. This category includes: a new program of 3 galleries, encounters with art, art studios, workshops and revitalization of a dark art room. The curators of this division are Mieczysław Goś and Agnieszka Dudek.

Within the Word line, there will be for example master classes, coordination workshops, meetings, performances, scientific conferences, festivals, responsibility of Ekaterina Sharapova and Przemislav Buksinsky.

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The Movement Department will be led by Polina Zarubska, and the program will include a number of periodic activities, such as workshops, impromptu meetings, performances and conferences.

A lifestyle is “a space for students to develop their interests individually or through activities in various groups, and it is not necessarily formal.” This section will be coordinated by Bogdan Praça and Masig Lachovic. They announce, among other things, Slavic carnival workshops, laboratory tradition and meetings in the series “Via the World”. Adventure, exploration and travel, plus Game Life and Eco Trend.

The Kadr division is definitely a great proposition for film enthusiasts and students interested in film art, and will be led by Piotr Kotowski, and the program will include projects such as movie studio, movie reviews, and evenings with movie classics, and after a long break, the Barrier Film Discussion Club will resume its activities as well.

The curators will be the last line of the audio program, Dr. Hob. Tomash Momot and Natalia Wilk. They announce, among other things, recruiting for an orchestra / orchestra, relaxation workshops for “Mind, Body and Voice”, as well as artistic styles with the participation of invited stars.

Chatka Żaka is considered a place of worship on the academic map of Lublin City for an important reason for the culture of the university and the city. I am sure that the new programming of the unit will allow students to better know and explore their passions, which is very important in youth development – confirms Dr. Hub. Radosław Dobrowolski, dean of UMCS.

Details of the new Chatka Żaka lines will be published on the facility’s Facebook page from January 18-23.

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