In 1999, the Pokemon Snap debuted exclusively on the Nintendo 64, which was another attempt to expand the brand and provide players with a new experience. After 22 years, the game is back and although it uses the same assumptions, this time Bandai Namco expands the fun dramatically. Production available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch is a very fun experience, which was a great starting point for me after a hard day. This is definitely not a show of every Japanese console owner, although many players won’t tear themselves away from the screen for at least 15 hours.

The new Pokemon Snap is the most beautiful game in the entire universe

Reviewed New Pokemon Snap It invites you to a brand new area of ​​Lental, where no one participates in Pokemon fights, and a group of researchers led by Professor Mirror tries to investigate all the creatures available in the field. Obviously, the task is not easy, so all hope for the player who will be interested in documenting all the genres that operate in the surroundings. Our mission is not only to meet Pokemon, but to present them in the best possible way. As I mentioned, however, in the title, we don’t have a chance to participate or train our pets, the main goal is just (or even?) To take a photo of the individual samples, and although such a game might seem boring, the developers took care of the appropriate expansion of the game.

When analyzing the gameplay, the position is a bit like a forgotten kind of “shooters on the rails”, because in New Pokemon Snap We do not have the opportunity to freely navigate all the individual locations, and we come to a special Neo-One car. The capsule moves along the designated routes, and we can only turn around to see different creatures and focus on presenting them in their natural habitat. Because of this, Bandai Namco’s latest production isn’t a game that every player is interested in – it’s a very specific offer that can be dismissed with its calm atmosphere. Here we are “shooting” pop-up “enemies”, but instead of shedding more demons or zombies, we’re creating our own Photodex, where we “collect” new samples from this area. The fun isn’t as easy as it might seem, because the player cannot control the Neo-One – the machine moves at its own pace from point A to point B, and during the game you have to be alert and discover the creature, then adjust it. The camera guarantees an effective shot.

New Pokemon Snap --Charmander review

At the beginning of the game we only have a camera at our disposal, but the creators took care of some progress, so after a while you can use, for example, a scanner that makes it easy to find less visible Pokemon or, thanks to the fruit, to attract some creature – when a particular Pokemon is interested in food , We get a few precious seconds to get the best possible shot. However, this is not the end, because the hero can still use the flute or the most interesting item, the Illumina Orbs. “Glowing spheres” not only affect the creatures themselves, we can throw them at the flowers to make them glow. This phenomenon attracts nearby Pokemon. Illumina Orbs are also useful for live communication – the character is usually lit, thanks to which we will be able to take a nicer photo, but in some situations, the Pokemon will interact.

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And this is the moment when the setup created by Bandai Namco is best appreciated. The new revised Pokemon Snap game is by far the most beautiful game in the entire universe – The position in some situations has slight problems with the smoothness of the animation, but despite the inconvenience, it is difficult not to praise the setting, because regardless of the landscape, we have the opportunity to witness a colorful world that will appeal to all fans of this universe. It’s very fun to notice how Pokemon behaves, interacts with other types, and all the animations are undoubtedly gorgeous. Although the Nintendo Switch is not a demon of power, and its screen has its flaws, the graphics in Japanese mode are definitely one of the title cars.

Good photos are art in the New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap - review - fictional attractions

Professor Mirror sends the player to the next courses in different areas of the region – during the story you will find yourself in a dense forest, a vast desert, an underwater cave or a beautiful beach. The sites are quite diverse and although some biomes did appear in the first installment of the miniature series, they do appear The revised New Pokemon Snap takes global presentation to a whole new level. There are many places, it is more lively, we encounter many Pokemon during the game, and we also have the opportunity to visit areas at night. Bandai Namco, by changing the time of day, provides more attractions, because not only can we experiment with different shots, but of course, after dark, monsters visit locations that we cannot meet when it is daytime in the area.

The main character’s mentor explores regions and wants to analyze the mysterious phenomenon “Illumina”, in which some Pokemon glow – This is the topic that opens the main story in the New Pokemon Snap. The story isn’t particularly comprehensive, but the creators sure hold the player’s hand and encourage them to take more training sessions. However, this isn’t an adventure that will take you away for hours – it’s just a plus that encourages you to take more photos. Despite modest assumptions, history is a good way to invite you to visit other islands. There are secondary side quests in the game, but here again you can’t really talk about an important story – Bandai Namco writers have realized that the main premise of the production is shoot-based gameplay, and that’s what the whole situation is about. However, I am aware that despite the approved structure, the authors have managed to present some challenges in an interesting way: NPCs from time to time have a mission for us to find rare specimens of creatures or visit a new place. Often these tasks require a patient approach and finding one perfect frame (which is a requirement), but these types of tasks only reassured me that a New Pokemon Snap is not an easy item – if we want something more than just going through the following methods.

Each of our photos combines from one to four stars, and when planning to collect as many points as possible, we must capture the well positioned Pokemon, and take care of the appropriate target of the lens, but it is also desirable that the creature is looking at us or doing an action. Often times we have a second literal to take the perfect photo, so there’s a reason why, if you want to capture your favorite photo in the perfect way, you have to face the following courses. Hence, the possibility of replaying situations is at a good level, but be aware that certain gameplay can be boring at some point. In my opinion, the Japanese title works perfectly as an add-on to the second game – when I didn’t want to check out another position or only had a few minutes left, I was ready to grab the camera in my hand and face new challenges. Photodex’s full collection is fun for hours – as long as you’re one of the gamers who loves the Pokemon brand. However, I get the impression that Professor Mirror does not always correctly rate images. I regularly managed to create a series of closely related photos, but only one got four stars – why? You will not receive an answer to this question. Scoring in the New Pokemon Snap sometimes seems weird, and the system appreciates one of the few things that are very similar.

The new Pokemon Snap is the site for the biggest IP fans

New Pokemon Snap - review - Pikachu

The latest production with Pokemon in the main role will delight players who love the Pokemon brand, because here we have the opportunity not only to take pictures of new samples, but also to monitor their behavior. This element has been greatly expanded compared to the original version: we can constantly watch how some species interact with each other and, most importantly, towards the player themselves. at New Pokemon Snap There are many moments when we can totally see how a creature begins to get used to our personality. Although he escapes at first, after some time you can count on him to perform a special pose. All of this requires spending extra hours on the title, but it is this element that makes the item significantly different from the previous version. Just learning the story will take about 12 hours, while in the case of the original version we will only see 4-5 hours of fun.

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Still, an important gameplay issue is the moment after the photo is taken, and when In New Pokemon Snap, we get image manipulation tools, which we can also spend a lot of time on. In this case, not only do we pick the right shot, we can make it brighter, add a screen matching filter, focus on improving focus or add our signature. Players can easily create their own album and, of course, upload the best scores to social media. I’m not someone who likes to share similar works, but I have friends who have been flooding Twitter with various shots of their favorites since the first show.

The new Pokemon Snap has another value that I need to mention – The campaign can end during a more intense weekend, but the title provides a very enjoyable and relaxing endgame. Here we can return to previously visited routes, this time you don’t have to catch all the samples, but we can focus on our favorite Poks. Of course, this is still only a game for recipients who love this brand and want to spend time with their favorites for as long as possible. While playing Bandai Namco’s latest position in every step, I had the impression that the entire production was built with the biggest enthusiasts of this IP in mind.

New Pokemon Snap is a good way to warm up before your next adventures

We have been waiting for a Pokemon Snap update for years, and instead of a simple update, we have a complete sequel that delivers a lot more content than the original. New Pokemon Snap provides a lot of fun gameplay created from start to finish for fans of this IP. Do you belong to this group? You will spend many delicious hours in the position, but if you do not like Pikachu and all his companions – the calm nature of the game can tire you.