The events take place in Rotterdam Home, a shelter for teenagers. The heroes are a group of ten people (five boys and five girls) who meet in the middle of the night and tell each other scary stories. They also make a pact according to which the first person to die in the group tries to contact the others from behind … the grave.

Starring Adia, Egby Rigney, Ruth Codd, Aya Furukawa, Anara Sheppard, William Chris Somper, Sorian Sabkota. The series also features Zack Gilford, Matt Biddle, Samantha Sloyan, Heather Langenkamp.

Usher’s house fall” is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe first published in 1839. According to Deadline, the song’s dominant themes were madness, family, loneliness, and identity. In turn, the eight-episode Netflix series is described as an epic tale that combines horror and tragedy.

The series will feature a group of stars. The list includes, among others, Frank Langella, Mark Hamill, Carla Gugino, Mary McDonnell, Karl Lumbley.

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