Premier League, FA and British government officials met Thursday to discuss the “restart project” plan. In England, preparations are still underway to resume the matches that will be held on 12 June, with the aim of playing the next matches without the participation of fans in the stands.

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Football is melting the ice. “We are the safest profession in the world”

British government: It’s up to the football authorities to decide

Culture Minister Oliver Dowden has admitted that it is up to the football authorities to resume competition after approval by the British government. We all agreed that we will only resume the match when it is safe to do so and the health of the players, coaches and staff comes first. Now it’s up to the football authorities to agree to and finalize their plans – Dowden confirmed, citing the BBC.

Another meeting will be held on Monday as I return to Toys In the Bundesliga. On that day, players will resume group training, which will last for a maximum of 75 minutes, while maintaining the principles of social distancing. So far, they can only train individually.

The Premier League has also confirmed that players with contracts that expire on June 30 can be extended on a short-term basis if individual players agree. As a result, clubs and players have until June 23 to agree on contract renewal details.

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