The government has been concerned about the fourth wave of the epidemic since early July, but has only now taken concrete steps to increase the number of vaccinations. As the experts advised on the website, it will send mobile vaccination points to the countryside and improve the information policy. All this so you never have to go into the lock again. For now, there will be no restrictions imposed by other countries on non-vaccinators. As we write today in, its submission is not easy, since it requires the adoption of appropriate legal provisions.

We must maintain the advantage we have over France or Great Britain

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said at a conference on Friday, the data on diseases and occupied ventilators – a year and a half into the epidemic do not impress most Poles, but our advantage has often been fragile. – Especially today, when we have the opportunity to fight effectively, I would like to demand vaccinations. We have a hundred cases per day, but in Western Europe, France and Great Britain, the number has exceeded 20,000. What is happening there indicates a danger. So we have to realize that vaccination is an effective way to combat the epidemic today. The unvaccinated are 99% victims of the coronavirus. cases. The Prime Minister stressed that it is difficult to find better evidence that vaccines cure the virus. Mishaw Dorczyk, the state commissioner for immunization, offered new ways to encourage Poles to get vaccinated.

Education and money for municipalities that increase rates

We start in September with a big educational campaign in schools, there will be lessons and webinars for parents – Michau Dworczyk said. –We are in the process of launching two large programs totaling PLN 2.5 billion. One of them is for local governments – “increased resilience”. Dworczyk said three communes in each district, which will increase the vaccination rate, will receive financial support. The first place will cost 1 million PLN, the second – 0.5 million PLN, and the third – 250 thousand PLN. zloty. It should be noted that the government has already organized a single competition for municipalities entitled “Commune on a Medal”. It favors those with the highest vaccination rate in Poland. The best will receive 2 million PLN. One million will be awarded to the municipalities with the highest rates in the 49 regions, that is, the former counties. It is only, experts point out, the competition appreciates those municipalities in which there are many people who are ready to be vaccinated, that is, large cities, and does not reward those who have to fight for each percentage increase.

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Mobile vaccination points will go to Poland

The second idea is mobile vaccination points. – They will travel in those communes where they are least vaccinated. It will waste for a mobile point and a high rate of daily vaccinations in order to reach the farthest and most vulnerable corner of the country – emphasized Dworczyk.

He appealed to Dr. Bawik Grzysiewski, among others, to find such a solution, Pediatrician, expert of the Supreme Medical Council for Covid-19, Jacek Krajewski, President of the Zielona Góra Convention and Łukasz Pietrzak, Pharmacist, Director of Pharmacy in Warsaw, keeps statistics and actively supports the vaccination campaign. Experts noted the lack of grafting points, especially on the eastern wall, which are in a weak position. – So it is not only about beliefs, but also about the inability to vaccinate due to lack of places – says Peterzak. – There are the fewest grafting points on the east wall. Meanwhile, if you want to sell a lot of a particular product, you must have a large distribution network. Therefore, all resources and efforts must be devoted to organizing the vaccine buses that will travel from one village to another. Because the elderly need a vaccination point close to their place of residence, but not only. Before that, someone should call them, tell them about vaccination and register them – Dr. Grzesiowski assures.

And Michel Durczyk added that we have built an infrastructure for vaccination points, which can receive 700,000. citizens of the day. – That’s a lot, and this missing group of Poles has a place for vaccination – emphasized Dworczyk. Prime Minister Morawiki added it It is important that this fragile advantage persists for us, and that we avoid shutting down the economy.

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To date, 34 million doses of vaccines have been administered, and 17.3 million Poles have been fully vaccinated. So far, the government to encourage vaccination, including. Advertising spent billions of zlotys.