About 2500 chenault snowball bushes and 6 silver lemons.

Previously, cars were parked illegally in the green belt. It is located around the estate in ul. Bukovska and Bujarska. From now on, drivers can easily see where the residential car park ends and the green spaces begin.

We take care of our space and enjoy new planting- says Ewa Jerszyńska, Chairman of the Grunwald Północ Real Estate Housing Board. – The estate was built in the 1960s. At that time, car parks were built for a much smaller number of cars that we currently need. I understand the drivers, but we have to take care of the space for green spaces He adds.

Snowdrops from Chenaulta Hancock will bloom pink in late spring, followed by pink fruits. Silver linden will also bloom. It is a species resistant to air pollution, so it is often grown in places near roads and in cities. Linden and other maples grow there in a spot.

Due to the exposed root system, the Municipal Evergreen Council will not remove leaves in this greenbelt. All this so that a valuable offal will be formed there in a natural way, which will allow to maintain optimal conditions for air and water in the soil and create a layer covering the roots prone to damage – Announces the green city council.

Next year, the plant composition will be supplemented with common ivy. About 700 plants will appear around the parking lot, which will significantly increase the green area of ​​u200bu200bthe property.

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