The First and First Deputy Minister Today it announced a batch of new regulations aimed at reducing the number of coronavirus cases.

Arlene Foster And the Michelle O’Neill He unveiled the new directive, which will take effect early next week, after the Thursday meeting Northern Ireland executive.

They include an increase in fixed penalty notices for violating Covid regulations as well as new rules about masks or face coverings.

Face masks are already mandatory in hospitality, retail and public transport.

It should now also be worn:


In a taxi or private bus

By leading coaches and their clients

By retail employees

In a bank, building association, post office, or credit union

Visiting government offices such as jobs and benefits centers

First Minister Arlene Foster at the COVID-19 press conference at Parliament Buildings, Stormont

In addition to the mandatory new requirements, Ms. Foster said she would also encourage “anyone to wear a face covering in any location where social distancing is not possible, or where there are large crowds, or where ventilation is poor or in a confined space” for an extended period of time. .

“This is just sound logic,” she added.

Fines for non-compliance are also increased. Ms Foster said the attorney general revealed that 1,156 fixed penalty notices have so far been delivered, in addition to 203 ban notices for licensed buildings and private residences. A fine of £ 27,000 was also paid for failing to self-isolate after international travel.

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New fines:

Fixed fines notices for going from £ 60 to the flat rate of £ 200 per offense

Notices of a £ 1,000 fixed penalty for crimes including failure to close company as required, breach of early closing time rules or failure to implement measures to maintain social distancing

Fines up to £ 10,000 for people convicted of three Covid crimes

Deputy Prime Minister Michelle O’Neill at a press conference for Covid-19 at Parliament Buildings, Stormont

Deputy Prime Minister Michel said: “We now have a very narrow window to get around this situation.

“Our health and social care workers are really worried. They worry about themselves, their families, and their colleagues, but they are especially worried about their patients.”

She said the health service had coped well in the first wave due to public health.

“We fully understand that this is difficult, but we know we can do it again because life depends on it.”

O’Neill said that “compliance is essential” to controlling the virus and urged the public to return to “catch it, kill it, and get rid of it,” washing hands, social distancing and covering the face.

None of the ministers will be drawn to whether and when a circuit breaker is coming.

They have said that funding from Westminster is needed to implement further measures to reduce cases of Covid-19 and that restrictions are not the only way to do so.

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Another death and 923 positive cases were reported today by the Ministry of Health.

The number of deaths in Northern Ireland’s Ministry of Health from the virus now stands at 587, while 17,110 people have been diagnosed with it – 4,674 of them in the past week.

Asked about potential future restrictions such as a circuit breaker or a two-week quarantine of people traveling to the island of Ireland, Ms. O’Neill said: “It is clear that we have big decisions to make and these are not things we will take seriously.”

People talk a lot about this circuit breaker idea, the incremental actions, and trying to keep our kids in school – all of these things are very important as we try to find a balanced way forward.

Prime Minister Arlene Foster and Deputy Prime Minister Michael O’Neill at a press conference for Covid-19 at Parliament Buildings, Stormont

“Once we decide on our next steps, we will inform the public.”

Ms Foster said restrictions are not the only way to deal with the virus.

“The only way to deal with this is for people to comply with the advice and directions and the low level of restrictions that exist today.”

“We are asking people to work with us.

None of us wanted to be in this position. It is a loath to be in the number one position in the entire UK and Ireland.

“People need to realize this and take on their personal responsibility to deal with all of it.”

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