New parking spaces and equipping the area of ​​primary school No. 57 with small architectural elements, new green spaces are the assumptions of the winning project from the civil budget. The tender procedures announced by the city for these tasks are the beginning of the implementation of the idea for the residents of the Constantino area.

– The implemented project assumes the improvement of the parking infrastructure in the vicinity of the hospital. Stephen Cardinal Wyszyński. Konstantynów Street is often blocked by cars, as there is not enough parking space nearby, and having more than 20 parking spaces should improve the situation. The city also has a project to build 8 additional parallel parking lots on ul. Konstantynów, right next to the hospital, but it will be done on the condition that after the auction there will be funds for its implementation. The announced order also includes the purchase and assembly of benches and litter boxes, which in turn will affect the aesthetics of the space at Elementary School 57. There will also be new green spaces – says Artur Simsek, Deputy Mayor of Lublin for Investments and Development.

Parking spaces, green spaces and small architecture

The task involves the construction of a parking lot with more than 20 vertical parking spaces at ul. Konstantynów, next to al. Kraśnicka. The parking lot will be made of paving stones and the modification of the existing sidewalk to the new places in terms of height. As part of the same arrangement, part of the project related to the arrangement of 7 benches with a backrest and two baskets was implemented in Primary School No. 57 of the Mujahideen. Krasinski. All will be finished with vines of wisteria.

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The last date of the contract is 4 months from the date of signing the contract. Bids are scheduled to open on April 27. The announced order is the implementation of the D-126 project. Free parking, pavement renovation, hospital green stop – st. Kraśnicka 100, farms, benches and litter boxes in ul. Krasinski. 365 people voted for the idea from the eighth edition of Civic Budget.

green stop

In addition, as part of the project, the hospital’s operating public transport station will turn into a green place waiting for a bus or trolleybus to arrive. This solution will create a green space that will give a natural shade. The vegetation used must be frost-resistant and resistant to difficult weather conditions, rapidly developing and expanding. The green stop will be performed by ZTM in Lublin under a separate procedure.

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