Councilors from Lublin want to create new architectural and urban standards in the city. It is meant to be a set of rules that future investors must follow.

One of the founders of the development of new standards is city councilor Stanislav Brzozowski. In his opinion, space in the city should be arranged as quickly as possible. These rules should serve as guidelines for investors – says board member Stanislaw Brzozowski: – It is as if there are ten commandments regulating certain social behaviour. Likewise, certain criteria are needed for city planning and development. First of all, the density of buildings. It is simply tragic – we have no parking spaces and no green spaces. The space for social infrastructure, such as a kindergarten, nursery school, school, shops, for example a resident service office, bank branches, post offices – everything that people need to live, so that people do not have to go to the city center for it, just because they were in its rightful place.

All these new criteria will be taken into account. The point is also that the planned new apartment complexes, for example, do not bother with a certain order, but not only: – so that we do not have everything designed, and the developer comes and says to change his plan. The goal is to impose a dam on such activities, to cover literally everything.

The initiative of Brzozowski council member is supported by the Vice President of the Lublin City Council, Marcin Nowak: – Since 2003, a significant part of the spatial development plans has been completed. Of course, it is gradually being recreated, but we are still struggling with this problem and I believe that our joint initiative will be a step towards a widely understood solution to this problem, but also social consultations.

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Consultations are scheduled to begin in September and advisors will be available at Lublin City Council. The initiative for these criteria will also take into account visual and order issues, for example advertising in a city space.

– We will also talk about a landscape solution, which will also be considered soon and then these advertising criteria will appear in the general discussion, but I think that this project can also be added to this project, because it is an equal topic related to these issues, because they organize a certain space.

However, there are no specific details yet. And what do the people of Lublin think about this? – The city will be more beautiful because these ads are not very beautiful. It is worth paying attention to it, but wisely – they say.

A draft decision on standards is already being prepared in the Lublin City Council, reported by Justina Godot of the Lublin Mayor’s Mayor’s press office: the private housing law, has not been finalized. Upon completion of the works, the draft resolution in this regard will be submitted to the City Council for discussion. This will be done as soon as possible. In accordance with applicable law, these standards do not form the basis for the preparation of projects of local spatial development plans and decisions on development conditions.

The new architectural and urban standards are likely to be of a non-binding nature for investors.

The draft resolution on architectural and urban standards in Lublin will be put to a vote during the October session of the city council.

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