The new Alex Pina series arrived on Netflix the previous weekend. However, the author of one of the biggest hits of the website will not be satisfied with accepting the movie “Sky Rojo” in Poland. House of Paper’s successor did not win a first Netflix TOP 10 rating.

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Netflix has been informing its users for more than a year about which country titles have the most interest in society. There’s no indication that site managers plan to change this strategy, so at Entertainment.Blog we can keep telling you about the most popular products every week. What have the Poles seen in the past seven days?

Top 10 Netflix Polska – Hottest Products On VOD This Week:

10. Matching (five centers down)

Finding true love is a topic that keeps many of us awake at night. In the “matched” world, this problem is solved by a special app that checks our identity at the genetic level. As mentioned by people who have already had the opportunity to watch the new Netflix series, in this case we are dealing with a more interesting concept of performance. But the idea of ​​finding a partner in a short time was so interesting that many Poles examined the production.

Result: 12 points

9. Instinct (down three places)

Patryk Vega productions are on the Netflix TOP 10 list so often that I’m slowly running out of ideas on how to write about them. I don’t think there is a point in repeating the obvious again. Patrick Vega is, on our terms, a very popular director. And there is absolutely no indication that this will change in the coming years.

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Result: 16 points

8. Paw Patrol (back to overview)

Top 10 Netflix Poland

Since the start of 2021, “Paw Patrol” has not been as strong as it was in early fall and winter, but it remains the most popular children’s series on Netflix Polska. The story of a group of friendly foursome men has the advantage that it can be seen with almost the youngest in an episode. Because even in that arrangement, Paw Patrol will entertain them.

Result: 18 points

7. Riverdale (two places)

Riverdale, as the only production this week, beat “New Amsterdam” once and finished first at the top. Licensed products of this type often increase their library week after week and episode by episode, which is why they score strong single shots in our ranking. And then they can disappear from it for a few more days. This is why Riverdale is finally “only” fourth from below.

Result: 28 points

6. Paradise PD (bottom four places)

Animation “Paradise PD” has had a distinct decline in the past few days. Still the week before, it was in second place and looks like it can go up. The final season of the series contains more episodes than the previous two episodes. However, interest in production appears not to have been great.

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Result: 30 points

5. Jenny and Georgia (bottom two places)

“Ginny & Georgia” is dropping a bit week after week, but it’s still pretty impressive. We’re talking about the production that made headlines for a month now. These types of accomplishments don’t happen often. This will appear in the upcoming Netflix TOP 10 article for the whole of March.

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Result: 43 points

4. Killing delusions (new).

One thing is for sure – “Killer Illusions” will definitely not be on anyone’s list of the Best Complete Movies of 2021. Thriller ratings with Kristen Davis, Dermot Mulroney, Chanola Hampton and Greer Grammar are really horrendous. Another thing is that Netflix doesn’t seem to care about such matters, as long as the movie or series has good viewing results. The fourth place in “Zabójcze deluzem” in the first week after the premiere shows that in Poland he is very good in this respect.

Result: 44 points

3. Formula 1: Driving for Life (new)

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, global sport has huge problems, and fans cannot watch their favorite sports live. Not surprisingly then, even the smallest alternative to the experience of being on the court or (in this case) racetrack is so popular. Although, of course, the film quality of Formula 1: Driving for Life does its job.

Result: 50 points

2. Sky Rojo (new)

Assessing Sky Rojo’s long-term potential just days after its premiere may seem premature. The fact that Alex Pina’s new production didn’t manage to get rid of the production base that had been on Netflix for so long in the first week says a lot. The fanbase for the “House of Paper” series is so large that each subsequent series from The Spaniard scores well. This should be noted. But there is no point in repeating the global frenzy that has raged around the professor and his team.

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Result: 50 points

1. New Amsterdam (same location)

Top 10 Netflix Poland

The ever-soaring look of “New Amsterdam” is, after all, a big surprise. Its popularity is clearly not an aberration, but no one had anticipated the rule of the unknown series until recently for several weeks in a row. So far, Netflix has produced very few classic series about working in a hospital (“New Amsterdam” is, after all, the title of NBC), because such works have not achieved any amazing results among the users of the platform. I feel the success of New Amsterdam may change that, and in 2022 we’ll have a flood of similar productions from Netflix.

Result: 69 points