Grodzky began his letter by congratulating Harris on her assumption of the position of Vice President of the United States and President of the Senate.

“I wish you good luck in performing the difficult task of the American nation entrusted to you,” – noted the president of the Senate.

He added that he followed closely the campaign that he and President Joseph Biden Jr. led.

“I share with you your view on matters of global reach and know that this kind of challenge also requires parliamentary activity. I hope that your participation in the work of the Senate will have many benefits for the United States of America and the world at large,” Grodzky wrote, “I also hope that the White House’s cooperation with Congress will be Going as best as possible. “

At the same time, he declared, “The Senate of the Republic of Poland is ready for dialogue with the Senate of the United States, to jointly search for the best solutions and build a broad international agreement on issues that transcend the borders of states and continents.”

“I believe that international cooperation of legislative bodies, complementary to government initiatives, can increase the effectiveness of actions taken in areas such as confronting climate change, respecting human rights, opposing extremism or combating poverty” – Marshall said in the Senate.

“As you probably know, the Senate seeks to set Poland as an example.”

“The cooperation of our chambers was of special importance when democracy was restored in Poland in 1989,” he added.

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“In the following years, Poland and the United States strengthened democratic values ​​in the world hand in hand. By taking the initiative to create the Community of Democracies in 2000, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Minister of Foreign Affairs Bronislaw Geremek showed that promoting and protecting democratic values ​​requires a united effort and mutual support” – emphasized Grodzky In the message.

“As you probably know, in the current tenth session of his office, the Senate of the Republic of Poland is tirelessly seeking to put Poland once again as an example on the international stage in the field of democracy and the rule of law. The need to renew the great idea of ​​the Community of Democracies in Polish-American relations, as Marshall wrote to the Senate. .

He added that he believed that “our partnership may be necessary for the future of democracy in Poland.”

“I will be interested in every initiative of the United States in this regard. As an attachment, I am sending you the Senate resolution of the Republic of Poland January 13, 2021 regarding strengthening cooperation with the United States” – Grodzky noted.

“Congratulations once again for your assumption of the position of Vice President and President of the Senate. I wish you success in performing your duties, and I would like to express my appreciation.”