“Cuties” tells the story of 13-year-old girls preparing for a twerking contest – a dance that involves shaking their buttocks. Because of the subject matter, the production generated significant controversy, with some even accused of promoting pedophilia. As it turns out, the chiefs of Netflix paid attention to the accusations, because while they didn’t remove the movie from the catalog, they used measures to hide it from viewers.

According to the documents in which “The Verge” was acquired, Netflix tampered with search results to hide “Stars” from viewers. The title has been removed from categories like ‘Coming Soon’, ‘Other Similar Offers’ or ‘Popular Searches’. It was also impossible to find it after entering words such as, among other things, into the search engine. “Attractive”. There were also such changes in the search algorithm that, after entering the phrase “cuties”, it was impossible to find films of erotic color and titles intended for children.

As Variety reminds us, the Star Wars controversy began with the publication of the first poster for this film directed by Maimouna Doukuri. She portrayed young actresses in sensual poses, which sparked a debate about pedophilia. Later, after the premiere of the film, more than half a million people signed a petition demanding to unsubscribe from Netflix.

Netflix has apologized for the disputed poster, but the controversy over the film did not stop. However, the streaming giant has not removed the title from its catalog. Instead, he made the above changes to the search algorithm. According to The Verge, they aimed to reduce negative opinions about the film appearing in the media. They also explain how Netflix can respond to criticism of its products.

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Netflix is ​​now facing similar criticism with Dave Chappelle’s comedy show The Closer. The controversy sparked jokes about transgender people. However, the company’s authorities oppose similar restrictions on the ability to find programs on the platform and defend the right of the popular comedian to freedom of expression. (life PAP)

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