“Pan Samochodzik i Templar” for Netflix will be produced by Orphan Studio. Photo PAP / EPA / SEDAT SUNA

Streaming platform Netflix has announced eighteen new Polish films and production series that will be shown there by the end of next year. Among the titles announced, “Pan Samochodzik i Templariusze”, which is based on the book of the same title by Zbigniew Nienacki, is receiving special attention. The premiere is set for 2023.

A famous art historian, treasure hunter, and owner of an unusual car discovers the treasure of the Templars, the key to a superpower that can upset the balance between good and evil in the world. With the support of friendly scouts, Mr. Samochodzik begins a great race against time and a hostile organization, whose task is to inherit the orders of the Knights – we read in the official description of the plot of the movie “Mr. Car and the Templars” .

Who will play the role of Mr. Samochodzik?

“Pan Samochodzik i Templar” for Netflix will be produced by Orphan Studio. The film is directed by Anthony Nikovsky, and the script is written by Bartosz Stébor (Straight to the Heart). This is all the information Netflix has provided about the emerging movie. It is not yet known who will play the title role Thomass, better known as Mr. Samochodzic.

Zbigniew Nienacki’s book has already been brought to the screen once. In 1971, the premiere of the five-episode series “Samochodzik i Templariusze”, in which Stanislav Mikulsky starred. Four feature films based on the Ninaki books have also been produced. The most recent is the movie “Flying Machines vs Mr. Samochodzik”, which was released in 1991.

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other products

Other movie productions announced by Netflix include Lesek Dawid’s long-awaited “Broad Peak”, Bartosz M. Magnizja”) and the first Polish film about the catastrophe “The Cell”. (life PAP)