According to the portal, all productions ordered by Netflix’s Original Series team will be produced in Great Britain. What series are we talking about?

Sam Mendes and Neal Street Productions will be producing a six-episode program, titled The ‘red zone’ (Paul. The ‘red zone’), Which is now described backwards as “A football comedy but not a football comedy”. Meanwhile, Rowan Atkinson is slated to star in a 10-episode comedy series “Man versus bee”. The actor, known to the public for the movie Mr. Bean, will live in a luxurious mansion with an unbearable bee, as he tries to get rid of it in every episode.

Andy Serkis will be the production executive ‘Half bad’ – Quote of the book trilogy written by Sally Green for the text whose creator will be responsible Jerry / Haji. We read in the description of production: “The sixteen-year-old Nathan is the illegitimate son of the most terrifying witch in the world. He has reigned his entire life so as not to follow the same destructive path his father followed. With tensions running high, the ancient boundaries between.”Hassan ” a “Sinister Disappear and Nathan will figure out who he really is..

What else will be shown on Netflix?

“Baby reindeer”

An eight-episode series, starring Richard Gade. Based on a fascinating true story, the plot depicts the distorted relationship between writer and player Richard Gad and the persecuted. In the end, the man will have to face his deeply hidden trauma.

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“Cuckoo song”

Six-episode series written by Sarah Dollard, Andrea Gibb and Corinna Faith. It is “an immersive horror movie about two sisters fighting each other – one human and the other a monster – who must find a way to reconcile to reverse a supernatural covenant that has led to a huge tragedy.”

Lockwood & Co

A series written by Joe Cornish, who is the director and lead writer. “Every dark night in London, talented teen ghost hunters find themselves caught in a dangerous battle against murderous ghosts. Among the many agencies run by adults, one stands out – run by two teens who are joined by a girl with remarkably sophisticated abilities. Together they want to unravel the mystery they have made. Will change the course of history. “ – Netflix describes.

Evelyn Hardcastle’s Seven Fatalities

7-episode series by Sophie Petzal, based on the award-winning bestselling book Costa Suart Turton Evelyn Hardcastle’s Seven Fatalities. “This is a mysterious, amazing, and original murder story. The plot is set in a huge country estate. This thrilling thriller introduces an intriguing mystery – how do you solve a murder case when you wake up in a different body every time you get close to the answer?” – we read in the description.

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