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Someone here envies CD Projekt “The Witcher”? Netflix launched their first games based on, among others, their original series.

Bach! You are thrown into the middle of Hawkins, as Mirkwood and the Laboratory challenge their riddles. Together with Hopper and the rest of the gang, you can go on exciting adventures, with Lucas hitting the target with his nervous plastic slingshot, and Nancy being good at attacking with batons, and she has a lot of them. Apparently, in order to win, you have to collect pancakes and gnomes, but just like everything in “Stranger Things” and this is not so easy, that is, as it seems at first glance. The flair was added by the fact that the graphics of the game refer to the 80s, that is, the platforms on which the heroes of the favorite blockbuster Netflix movie are played. If there is…

“Whether you fancy a casual game that you can start from scratch or an immersive experience that lets you delve into your favorite stories, we want to start building a game library that offers something for everyone,” wrote Mike Verdo, Head of Game Development. He is one of the specialists that the streaming platform has attracted from gaming giant EA or Facebook.

come in. Netflix / Netflix

With the latest update of the Netflix app for Android, users will receive a selection of games available for download. There will be five titles to start with:

  1. Stranger Things: 1984,
  2. Stranger Things 3: The Game – both are adventure games, set in the series of the universe, in which the player has to solve logical puzzles. The entire collection, as well as the series, is set in the atmosphere of the 80s. Produced by BonusXP studio,
  3. Card Blast – Card game by Rogue Games Studio,
  4. Teeter Up – an arcade game where you have to hit a ball into the hole of the Frosty Pop studio,
  5. Shooting Hoops – Basketball skills game, Frosty Pop Studios.
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To some, the games will seem a bit “rough” with simple graphics. For others, it will be a plus – it will not be too difficult for smartphones to handle.

It is expected that more of them will appear in the future. So far, only Android is available. It is also being made available to iOS users. And that’s what will happen, according to Netflix, “in the coming months.” The reason is simple: Apple is unwilling to include an In-Store Store. A good example is Microsoft, which launched its Game Pass streaming service in 2020. At that time, Apple banned the app from being displayed in the iPhone App Store. He claimed that about 100 games included separately should be listed in the store and not bundled. Microsoft has “walked around” these shows by offering to stream through the Apple Safari mobile browser. So far, Netflix has not confirmed whether it has the same problems from “Jabłuszek”.

The arc for players is not only about creating new locations in which they can try their hand, but also bringing their favorite characters to the screen.

– While this is only the beginning of a long journey, we are pleased to provide you with entertainment different from what is currently available: Exclusive Ad-free and unpaid mobile games, available with a Netflix membership – Streaming platform confirms the press release.

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