The first Sunday of November is the much awaited day by League of Legends players and fans all over the world. This is related to the world premiere of Arcane, a co-production of Riot Games and Netflix embedded in the LoL universe. How is the series shown? We invite you to our first impressions after the first few episodes of Arcane. The review does not contain spoilers.

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Famous characters introduce us to the world of Arcane

As announced, this one focuses on some of the characters we already know well from LoL. We’re mainly talking about Jayce, Vi, and her sister Jinx. However, this does not prevent the appearance of many other heroes to a greater or lesser degree during the first episodes. Ekko, Caitlyn, and others will also find Five Minutes of their own. Each of them receives a story that goes hand in hand with their image created in the game itself and in the League of Legends world.

The show itself doesn’t take long to expedite. The first minutes show us action-packed scenes that are well done. You can see that the creators did not choose their means and despite the fact that it is an animated series, it is also characterized by high graphics, which should be a source of great happiness for people familiar with the world, as well as those who want their first contact was in Arcane.

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The plot is carefully directed

However, the plot does not choose lightning speed either. Each character is given time to present themselves comprehensively, which is undoubtedly a good move from Riot and Netflix. Thanks to this, we can quickly get attached to them, and as a result, after twelve minutes or so, we fully follow the fate of the heroes.

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It’s hard to accuse Arcane of anything technically. The animation looks fresh and original, at the same time LoL players can find many links with the game itself. Before the series premiere, I was concerned about this aspect, among other things, but it turns out that the creators found the perfect balance between offering their own solutions and using the many possibilities that Riot had previously created.

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Arcane is probably one of the few good products included in the gaming world

Computer game mods in cinemas or in series are often not a good idea. Directors usually can’t find the right recipe for getting the world right on the big or small screen. Arcane is lucky enough to be an exception that should satisfy diehard gamers and Sunday fans.

Much will depend on where the story of the main characters unfolds and the city of Beltofer, which is also one of them. As mentioned in the introduction, we only saw the first few episodes of Arcane. However, they make the viewer want more, which is a huge plus.

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The first episodes of Arcane are now available on Netflix. Over the next few weeks, until the end of November, new versions will be released.