Lucifer is one of Netflix’s biggest hits, so hundreds of its users are eagerly awaiting the fifth season of the sequel series. There is a lot of evidence that we have unofficially known about the release date of the new episodes. Netflix itself revealed it. Then he took it off by himself.

Polish account holders were behind during the biggest event of the morning. However, for many of them, the most important piece of information is not that Netflix released its full news list today, in April 2021. Meanwhile, very important information about the new episodes of Lucifer appeared on the site.

One of the most popular soap operas in Poland is coming to an end that fans have been waiting for. Late last year, the show’s writers officially announced to viewers that they had completed work on the screenplay for Season 6. It was supposed to be the ending they dreamed of years ago. Before this happens on VOD, the episodes of the second season of the fifth season must appear. It looks like it will happen in May of this year.

Netflix announced on its website that a new episode of “Lucifer” will be shown on May 28th.

Information on this topic soon disappeared from the site, but attentive fans of the production noticed it in time. You can now read the trailer at the same venue: More Episodes Soon. So the release date for the final episode of Season 5 of “Lucifer” was most likely due to human or mechanical errors.

Actors such as Tom Ellis, Lauren Germain, Leslie Ann Brandt, Amy Garcia, DB Woodside, Scarlett Esteves, Rachel Harris and Kevin Alejandro will return to the cast. The first half of the previous version finished well Cliffhangerm When God (played by Dennis Dexter Heisbert) interrupts Lucifer’s fight with his brother Michael.

Update (Mar 29, 20:07):

Netflix has just officially confirmed that episode 2 of Season 5 of “Lucifer” will be appearing on the platform on May 28th.