This month, books related to Netflix dominated the New York Times bestseller list – more than half of the top 10 bestsellers are Netflix songbook prototypes. Most of them are from Juliet Quinn’s Bridgerton novels. It should be noted that among the Netflix titles based on pre-written stories, there are also Polish accents.

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Netflix and its greatest hits are based on books

The bank was smashed by the already mentioned “Bridgertons”. The series’ massive success translated into the popularity of Julia Quinn’s novel series – five books jumped from the series to the New York Times bestseller list. There is also the novel “Firefly Lane” by Christine Hanna in tongues. Interest in the two inseparable friends ‘story grew a month before the series premiered – thanks to which the book was in the New York Times’ top ten bestsellers for the first time. Just three days after it premiered on Netflix and 13 years after its debut, it was in # 1.

Three weeks after the Netflix mini-series premiere, Walter Tevis’ “The Queen’s Gambit” made its debut on the New York Times chart 37 years ago and stayed in the top ten for 11 weeks. In turn, after the premiere of the production of “Le Pen”, the original book of Maurice LeBlanc (who was written in 1907!) Began to gain popularity in several countries, such as: Italy, Spain, the United States, Great Britain and Korea.

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“Thermos”. Will Sherlock Holmes appear in the series? This is possible, although there is one drawback

Poland is rich in literary materials. Netflix knows how to use it

We all remember the madness that came in December 2019, when Netflix premiered the first season of “The Witcher”. The next series is currently filming and is scheduled to premiere this year. According to the description of Season 2, Geralt – convinced that Yennifer died in the Battle of Sodden Hill – took Princess Cirilla to the safest place he knew – his childhood home in Kaer Morhen. As kings, elves, humans and demons fight behind her walls for control of the continent, Geralt must protect the girl from something more dangerous: the mysterious force hidden within the princess.

A few months after “The Witcher,” “Direction: Night” appeared, an international syndicated production based on its script from Jacek Dukaj’s novel “The Old Axolotl”. It tells about the passengers of the plane fleeing the sunlight – as a result of a mysterious cosmic phenomenon, the sun emits deadly radiation. This is Netflix’s first Belgian original series, and the executive producers are Oscar-nominated Tomasz Bagiñski and the writer himself.

Direction: at nightBagiński explains why the Polish-inspired series was created in Belgium

On February 28, another hot premiere awaits – the first animation created specifically for Netflix. I am talking about “Kajku i Kokosz”, which is taken from the Polish comic book Cult by Janusz Krista. The adventures of two Slavic warriors defending the town of Mermelov against the evil Hegemon and his thieves, were published for the first time in “Evening of the Coast” in the form of short lines. In 2016, there is an official continuation of the series “Kajko i Kokosz – Nowe Przygody”, produced by the series’ screenwriter – Maciej Kura (with the approval of Janusz Christa). The animated series is the production of the EGO movie, in which we will hear, among others Artur Pontik and Mishau Bella in the main roles, supporting characters Yaroslav Bubrik, Agata Koleza, Gerjegorz Pavlak and Krzysztof Zalowski.

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