The second part of the final season of “House of Paper” is now available on Netflix starting December 3. For those who have already tried it, and for those who are just planning to check out, Netflix has prepared some tips – tricks straight from the professor’s training. Here are 7 tips to help you use the site.

The final installment of the “House of Paper” series is an effective ending to one of Netflix’s most popular series. To stay in the mood for Spanish production longer, service I prepared some tipsHow to use its resources appropriately, and for it She described it in the “house of cards” convention..

7 hacks inspired by the series

Cover your tracks

Even the best planned actions can fail if the traces of the procedure are not erased properly. to me Keep your favorite movies secret and programs, you can delete your viewing history by logging into your Netflix account and then clicking on the “Account” option. Next, in the “Profiles and Parental Controls” section, enter “Watch history” for the selected profile and Click on the crossed out icon next to the episode or titleYou want to hide it – you can clear both individual episodes and the entire series (when the additional option “Hide series?” appears). You can also delete your entire viewing history by selecting “Hide all” at the bottom of the page.

7 hacks inspired by the series

Found a mole? delete it!

Has an uninvited guest logged into your Netflix account? It could be a friend or sibling who we’ve been signed into on their device for a while. Or maybe they didn’t open their own account after checking out? How do you hunt down an intruder, like Palermo, who has fallen out of the pack temporarily or permanently? quickly and efficiently Verify that only those closest to you use the joint accountgo to “Account” in the Netflix menu and select “Sign out of all devices”, then confirm the deactivation.

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7 hacks inspired by the series

Create an identity in the style of the professor

Tokyo, Berlin or Helsinki, or maybe a completely different and still uninhabited city like Frankfurt, Singapore or Warsaw? Regardless of which city is chosen as the next nickname in the Professor’s gang, it is worth setting it as your profile name. To customize it, go to, select a profile, then freely edit its name and icon. Note, there is an option available The complete catalog of photos of the perpetrators of theft.

7 hacks inspired by the series

protect your gang

Every gang has its rules – the professor made it clear from the start. No names, no personal information, no accurate reports, no victims. All this to protect team members. Up to five people can use your Netflix account at the same time, so be sure to be prepared Singles profiles So that each of them can safely discover the secrets of the library of films and series, and their parents keep everything under their control. In the tab “Profiles and Parental Controls” you can find a whole range – possibility PIN code settings, age filters, or remove specific addresses from the library. With just a few clicks, even the youngest of Cincinnati can enjoy their place in the gang and access their favorite content.

7 hacks inspired by the series

Go on your steal

Will there be a long robbery meant to go to the bank? While waiting for your cash to be withdrawn, you can kill… some time and watch something on Netflix. In order not to interrupt unexpected events during the presentation of the event, It is better to download the pre-set addressto watch it now. Simply enter the Netflix app on your mobile device, select the title, and then hit the Download icon.

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For series and shows, this icon will appear next to each available episode.) When the title is taken, It will be available in the Downloads folder..

7 hacks inspired by the series

Go to Netflix like Río

Ryo is a true creator of keyboard. To get rid of his talent and feel like a hack, it’s worth getting to know him Many keyboard shortcutsWhich will be useful when watching Netflix movies or series on the computer:

  • Enter and Space – pause and play;
  • F – enable / disable full screen;
  • Esc – Exit full screen mode;
  • Shift + Right Arrow – fast forward for 10 seconds;
  • Shift + Left Arrow – Rewind 10 seconds;
  • up arrow – turn up the volume;
  • down arrow – decrease the volume;
  • m – mute;
  • S – skip opening credits;

7 hacks inspired by the series

Use the professor’s secret codes

The professor always has a plan A, B, C… and so on until the end of the alphabet. His extensive scenarios of possible events have more than once saved the gang from persecution. The Bank of Spain stock final has already been revealed, so it’s worth it Learn about special charactersthanks to which any fan of “House of Paper” will easily find new products:

  • Thriller Series – 89811
  • Action Thriller – 43048
  • Action & Adventure – 1365
  • Crime and Adventure Films – 9584
  • Thriller and Crime – 10499
  • Crime Series and Programs – 26146
  • Crime Movies – 5824
  • Latin American Crime Films – 4756
  • Spanish – 81399657
  • Stay tuned – 100055
  • Exciting – 100041

To use the code, just paste the given string of numbers at the end of the address For example, to see “Criminal Thriller”, simply enter the address in the browser bar:

7 hacks inspired by the series

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Image source: Netflix

Text source: Netflix