Naughty Dog has developed many excellent productions especially for PS4, however, fans of the studio are waiting for more announcements. At CES 2022, Neil Druckman confirmed that developers are developing several projects.

Although it’s been 1.5 years since the premiere of Ellie’s latest adventure, reports about Naughty Dog haven’t changed for long. It is said that creators are not idle and work on many items. Among the speculation there is news about Fractions for The Last of Us 2, The Last of Us 2: Director’s Edition, The Last of Us RemakeAnd New Uncharted or a new IP address. There are no official announcements or presentations to be completely happy about, but Druckmann’s recent statement at CES 2022 may have piqued the curiosity of many studio fans.

The Naughty Dog representative has been on the set of HBO a lot lately, but we can be sure his crew hasn’t been lethargic. The lead writer for The Last of Us announced that “several titles” are in the studio’s work, Adding that the developers are already looking to “share the many game projects” they’re working on.

The developers have proven many times that the quality of their functionality is as high as possible, so we have to wait for any news. If the rumors are true, fans can rub their hands on the following products.