We’ve heard a lot about Naughty Dog in recent days because of The creators should work on producing a new Uncharted network (possibly fragments for The Last of Us) And the Another of us remake. As it turns out, only one of these games will be in full production.

We can assume this conclusion by reading the words of Evan Wells, one of Naughty Dog’s vice presidents, who asserted during the Game Maker Notebook podcast that his studio could not work on two large productions at the same time.

While designing The Last of Us, the developers tried to pull two projects out at the same time, but somehow failed, because every time one game received massive support and the other elements had to wait their turn:

“We tried our first large multi-project development with The Last of Us. At the end of Uncharted 2, Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann left to start designing. [TLOU]Although they spent three or four months working on Jak and Daxter before deciding to put it back on the shelf and focus on something new. “

“They did it and the idea was to build a team around it and we’ll have two teams working at once, but we just didn’t understand that. The amount of work it took to complete Uncharted 3 at that time was taking the resources of The Last of Us, and we never got to the point where we had Two full productions. I would say that even today we are somewhat lacking in that. We definitely have a lot of projects, but only one is the lion’s share of interest each time. “

Evan Wells assured that so far Naughty Dog doesn’t have two projects that several hundred people are working on at the same time. Creative people deal with one game, and at the same time own it A few are in pre-production, or maybe they just came out of pre-production.But the items have to wait.

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During the interview, the vice president confirmed this The projects developed by Naughty Dog have been hand-picked by the developers themselves – The developers couldn’t work on Uncharted 6 or Uncharted 7, because at some point the team couldn’t offer enough creativity. It is for this reason that management tests interest and decides to take the next steps.

Evan Wells also mentioned that there have been major changes to Naughty Dog since the premiere of The Last of Us 2. Several developers have been upgraded, and the team has expanded its management so that more people can manage – thanks to this, developers should focus on their teams.

We can also make sure Naughty Dog isn’t working on the new Jak & Daxter – although the studio constantly hears fan requests and even Wells wants to develop the game, the title is not in production.