Pictures of strange growth in almond milk purchased from the UK store Aldi have been posted on the web. The director claims that she just opened the box. But there was something annoying inside.

A terrifying discovery in a cardboard box. Share it with netizens

The video was shared with netizens on Sunday by TikTok user nicknamed nikky_afo. The video shows that the milk should be fit for consumption until 2022. Meanwhile, after pouring the milk and cutting the carton, a fuzzy gray substance appears on the inside.

The registry collected more than 400,000 in a few days. comments. Internet users were shocked by the frightening growth contained in the cardboard box. Some people called it ‘octopus’ or ‘forbidden lasagna’.

Possible explanation is that there is a mold mass. Some types are used to make fermented milk drinks.


Strange growth in milk from Aldi. Network spokesperson spoke

Aldi took the floor. Customer service assessed that this phenomenon is most likely caused by opening the packaging during transportation. A spokesperson for the chain of stores also announced that the author of the film from the company a voucher worth 40 pounds (about 215 zlotys), as a “goodwill gesture”.

We care about the highest quality of our products. Information about this incident was passed on to the relevant team that will monitor the case – it was emphasized in the press release.


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