NASA wants to hire 24 theologians. Their task will be to assess how humanity has responded to the unexpected discovery of alien life in space, and to investigate how this knowledge affects people’s ideas about gods and the creation of the world.

As I mentioned national-geographic.plTheologians will participate in the Center for Theological Research (CTI) program at Princeton University in New Jersey. In 2014, NASA provided a grant of $1.1 million for its implementation.

The ideal task for scientists would be to define the boundary between human and alien and to define what it means to live in human understanding.

NASA decided to hire religious scholars, incl. In connection with the launch of the Webb Space Telescope and with the cluster rovers or probes orbiting Jupiter and Saturn.

One of them, Dr. Andrew Davison of the University of Cambridge, spoke about the theologians’ mission to NASA. “Religious traditions will be an essential part of how humanity will act after the discovery of life on other planets,” he wrote on the university’s website.

the father. Jose Gabriel Funes, the chief astronomer at the Vatican, said in 2008 that belief in God does not rule out the existence of “extraterrestrial brothers.”

The Pope on Mars

Even Pope Francis spoke of foreign life forms. “If, say, the Martian expedition comes tomorrow, and some of them come to us, green, with long noses and big ears, as their children describe. And one of them said, “I want to be baptized!” What would happen?

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