– Of course I read the confidential report. It shows what we thought. We are not alone. US Navy pilots saw something, chased after it while it was still on radar, and suddenly the object sped up and disappeared, says Bill Nelson, former astronaut and boss. NASA.

NASA appeals to scientists

This is how the new agency chief (who took office in May 2021) referred to the report released by the Pentagon a few weeks ago. It appears that the US military has not been able to confirm 144 cases of an unidentified flying phenomenon. We wrote about the issue on Onet in mid-June. However, it was completely declassified last Friday.

– So of course I ask our scientists to check if there is any explanation from a scientific point of view. He says I am waiting for their report Nelson.

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The authors of the nine-page study do not exclude that the unidentified objects may be of purely earthly origin. The rivalry between the United States and China is growing, and unknowns could also be a test of an entirely new technology. Nelson also noted that both the US government and the general public are closely watching the development of unidentified aviation phenomena.

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Fashion & UFO

It is worth noting that there has been a fad in the mainstream of American politics for some time UFO. This effect is paid. New York Times and then Pentagon publications, videos that record things moving in an unexplained and inaccessible way to known technologies.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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