From November 22 – 25, 2021, pupils of maturity classes of the First Secondary School of General Education Bolesław Krzywousty in Nakło nad Notecią take the matriculation examination. The Matura exam is organized in the form of an experiment by the publishing house OPERON, in the case of the English language exam OPERON is cooperating in the process of creating papers with BRITIS COUNCIL – an international organization representing the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the field of culture and education. Prepared materials – Exam papers meet the requirements of the program and are good material to assess the level of preparation of the student for the bagrut exam 5 months before the real bagrut exam.

The typical exam at KRZYWOUSTY was attended by students of four maturity grades, numbering 120. Each student was solving a paper of the compulsory subjects: Polish, a foreign language to choose from and Mathematics, and one subject at the advanced level. Performed in the first upper secondary school of general education Bolesław Krzywousty educational offer gives you the opportunity to prepare and choose a wide range of extended subjects. Among the extended subjects, students can choose one subject during the mock test. Students made the following choices: Polish – 5 people, Mathematics – 20 people, English – 11 people, Geography – 27 people, Biology – 34 people, History – 8 people, WOS – 5 people, Chemistry 4 people. In the real matura exam, the student’s election is likely to at least double because each person can declare the choice of up to 5 extended subjects.

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We conduct the typical GCSE exam at KRZYWOUSTY for two main reasons:

  • Allows you to diagnose preparations and make any changes
  • The student has the opportunity to test himself in the test conditions – check the distribution of working time in the individual elements of the exam or make a self-assessment of possibilities

The school attaches great importance to the mock exam – the results of the developed preparation model in the real MAY MATURAL exam. Every year, the results of the Matura exam for CURVIVE GRADUATES are in the above average pass rate for public secondary schools in Poland.

Paweł Darul – Principal of Secondary School No. 1 in Nakło nad Notecią

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