Currently, there are 153 delta-type cases in Poland. This is more than a third more than last week. More than 30 new cases of this variant coronavirus have arrived in recent days.

On Monday, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, Wojciech Androsevich, reported the new indications of the Covid-19 mutation.

In recent days in Poland, sequencing has revealed more than 30 cases of delta type infection – said a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health in an interview with RMF FM radio on Monday.

Sequencing is the study of a sample of a substance from a person infected with the coronavirus. Its purpose is to find out if a person has the normal version of Covid-19 or any of the mutations.

If we observe what is happening in Great Britain and Spain, we can talk about such bands, adjusting them in proportion to the size of the country. Hopefully the number in the optimistic form is 1-3 thousand. Infection, and in the pessimistic variant, if the vaccinations are stopped, we could be as high as 20 thousand. cases “ – Wojciech Andrusiewicz said when asked about the level of injuries with the new substitute in Poland to expect.

And the results of injuries stabilized in Poland, according to the spokesman. But “They won’t fall like that anymore, so if we stop vaccinating, unfortunately we have a chance to increase” – He said.

It does not protect the transmission of Covid-19 from the delta variant. Only two doses of the vaccine provide complete protection