Elon Musk Instantly comment on the event by posting a meme on his Twitter profile with the character shown Judge Dredd. The court dismissed the case Jeff Bezos v. NASA stated that the agency has the right to choose one contractor for the contract to build the lunar lander. So in the end it ended as it should have been from the beginning.

I love Musk that someone finally hinted to Bezos where he belongs. At the moment, his company does not even have a ready-made rocket, let alone lunar vehicles. The dispute between the founder of Amazon and the company ended blue origin SpaceX will ensure that Musk and his staff will now be able to speed up their work and finally begin planning their missions for the long term with the goal of Starship Building And back to the Silver Globe. On the occasion of this topic, be sure to watch the video below. SpaceX showed it what it looks like today Starbee’sWhere Boosters and Shipy are built.

The court’s decision should not be too surprising and we are pleased, because the choice of SpaceX is a logical matter. Muska has a nearly ready teleportation system. Adjustments to NASA’s plans shouldn’t be difficult. In addition, the Starship will be cheap to operate, and the vehicles themselves can be quickly converted to the first lunar bases for dozens of colonists.

SpaceX wants to ship in Starship’s first spaceflight later this month. Next year, the most powerful space transportation system is expected to be ready for commercial missions. In 2023, the first manned flight around the moon will take place with a Japanese billionaire, Yusaku Mizzawi, and his friends. It is expected that people will return to the natural satellite of our planet in 2024.

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Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos and his company Blue Origin have built their massive rocket New Glen, is taking tourist trips to low orbit, and plans to build A space hotel called Orbtal Reef And it has a mission from NASA to build the thruster of the future, which will be able to reach Mars in weeks, not months. We are talking about a nuclear or fusion engine.