The Murański family is one of the most famous characters in fancy Polish fighters. As we were able to find out, a queue of people had already formed to fight them, one by one in a single ceremony.

Artur Babic

Jacek Moransky and Matthew Moransky

Instagram / Pictured: Jacek Murański and Mateusz Murański

There are a few people like Matthews Moraski and Jacek Moraski. It seems that the popularity of these actors is increasing month by month, but it is difficult to find anyone who supports them. Even more, the number of their enemies increases in proportion to their identification.

At the Fame MMA 14 event, Matthews Moransky will face Alan Koczynski. However, at the first press conference, the main star was Mateusz’s father – Jacek. This means that Alanick officially challenged both Moraski to a fight. One by one, in one party (more on that here).

But it seems that this clash will not happen. All thanks to the other volunteers who are willing to take on this challenge. One of them is Arkadiusz Tańula. The actor actually fought with the Murański family, but on various festive occasions. Now, on the occasion of his new contract with Fame MMA, he will face them in one party (we wrote about Tańcula’s new contract here).

However, it is not certain whether this battle will take place on the basis of the principles proposed by Kwieciński, that is, one by one. Other formations can also play a role, including 2v2 or 1v2.

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